Quick Thoughts

10/15 Bear with me while I try to get the site running properly again at its new host!

9/2 Happy birthday to me!!!!

8/20 So you know how whenever a character wakes up under mysterious circumstances and there’s some question about who and where they are and how they got there, it’s usually either in the Cave Of The Ancients or on Homeless Trash Fire Lane? Why don’t people ever wake up in a mediocre place, like the bathroom at Fazoli’s and then when they emerge someone at the counter is holding a to-go bag and calling out a mysteriously familiar name?

8/7 Heretic’s Reward eats my brain every time it comes around on the working list.

7/24 Not having put down any quick thoughts for so long makes my site look dead. Everything else has been updated much more than the Quick Thoughts section, though! And I have been very lonely.

5/29 Check out my Patreon! See if any of the tiers interest you!

5/10 Ugh. I got a fun idea for a story in the shower last night, but it requires a sex scene. Anyone want to write it for me?

5/3 Success! And now! *sigh* And now back to work.

4/29 This TBoGaH chapter is kicking my ass.

4/24 It took that ankle over a week to get back down to a normal level of pain!!

4/14 My left ankle has been pretending to be sprained for a few days now, and it’s distractingly painful.

4/11 Sometimes I make the final keystrokes of a chapter or story with a great flourish, and throw my hands up in triumph with the rebounding movement.

4/5 You’d think this would be a perfect opportunity to get caught up on posts… but why would I do anything other than write in all this free time???

3/26 Ordered a box of sugar-free Red Vines and got SUGARFUL Red Vines. Can’t remember when I’ve been so disappointed and annoyed.

3/19 Except for careening toward financial ruin and worrying about catching the plague, isolation is actually pretty fun.

3/4 Various circumstances including binge-watching a season and a half of Sofia the First have limited my art intake these past two weeks, so I’m putting off my AEL until next week. I kinda want it offset anyway.

2/25 Actual chapter posted!

2/23 Have some Heretic’s Reward interludes. Actual chapter pending.

2/19 Geez, this AEL keeps going and going. I guess I’ll finish it tomorrow?

2/4 I may have watched 12 hours of Sailor Moon last weekend instead of doing anything productive, but not this weekend! ASZz part at linear completion!

1/21 Working on some TWIP’s today in between stories.

1/11 I think tie prices are the clothing industry’s way of saying, “We don’t make enough money off men.”

1/6 Ruptured ovarian cyst(s) keeping me in bed for days on end is driving me toward financial disaster, but at least I have time for Skyrim binging The Clone Wars writing!

1/2 So lots of random crap around this place suddenly isn’t working. Sorry about that!

1/1 Happy new year!

12/29 Faffing about with site stuff. Sorry if anything’s illegible.

12/25 Happy Christmas to anyone into that!

12/20 Should I be starting another long story? Absolutely not. Am I? I’ll let you guess.

12/19 Geez, how do you explain “I’m out of spoons” to 3- and 5-year-olds?

12/18 Editing a story in the morning instead of watching an episode is very effective! I’ll never catch up on the Arrowverse that way, though XD

12/16 After-Dinner Brandy is almost done! Get ready for Trowa’s long story in way more detail!

12/15 It’s just occurred to me that Cap’n Crunch’s hair is white and he’s never been promoted beyond cap’n. Incompetence? Prejudice? What’s been holding him back so long?

12/14 New writing is easy now; editing I still don’t have a lot of time for XD

12/11 I’ve reached linear completion on After-Dinner Brandy!

12/10 New method for consistently writing even while working a lot.

12/08 SoOoOo busy. Gotta figure something out.

12/07 NQF has gone very poorly on both ends this year. *sigh*

Visual Art: Exchange Art Etc.

I was an active participant in multiple art exchange communities for many years; here you can see the least terrible images I came up with for other people. Also, my favorite exchange pictures drawn for me, as well as gift art, commissions, etc.. This last is the most...

Visual Art: Miscellaneous Collections

Here you will find a showcase of my favorite pictures I've done, that I love drawing animals, and a collection of previews/detail shots/photos for scale/etc..attachment_tag='visual-art-collection-favorites' orderby=title order=DESC size=large columns=3...

Visual Art: Browse by Content

My Gundam Wing fanart is not quite a big enough collection to have its own gallery. Some of my original art is of characters you won't recognize from old stories. There is probably more Rurouni Kenshin fanart around the site that isn't yet tagged correctly to appear...

Visual Art: Browse by Medium

Watercolor Pencil (CretaColor Aqua Monolith) is my favorite medium. I also enjoy graphite. Prismacolors frustrate the hell out of me, though they certainly have beautiful results. I used to work with a tablet quite a bit, but these days fibromyalgia makes that...

November Quick Fics 2019

It's that time of year again! The month in which I try to write as many small stories as possible, based on prompts from anyone and everyone! The rules are the same as for Monthly Story Prompts, and on that page you'll also find a list of fandoms I'm familiar with in...


Though the circus has settled in for its winter break, Trowa Barton (acrobat, animal-handler, and werebeast beta) still has his hands full — with a newly acquired lion he’s sure is more than it appears, the return of former romantic partner and current alpha-friend-with-benefits Heero, and tiny niece Relena growing up much too fast.

A Tribute To Waybee

On the night of November 11, 2004, I heard from outside my apartment a sad meowing. Looking out the window revealed a small cat running from one apartment door to the next to the next, crying for someone to let her in out of the freezing cold. Immediately I ran to...

TWIP: LA’s and work cats

15 days 'til I turn 39! 08/08: Little Animals: 08/11: So often the lighting in my house in terrible for taking pictures. I suppose I should experiment with the settings on my phone camera, and maybe use a flash sometimes? But it's really annoying. 08/12: You know...

Birthday countdown 2019 begin!

39 days 'til I turn 39!! I promise I really am working on stuff. Two big projects (exchange fic and helping get this first TLY audiobook finished), which both more or less have deadlines, have been siphoning all my time lately... but I have gotten bits and pieces of...

Aku Soku Zan(za)

How might things have gone if Saitou, rather than Kenshin, had beaten some sense into kenkaya Zanza and become his guiding force? Part 1 in progress: The revolution in Zanza’s life leads him to join with government spies Saitou and Tokio to try to bring down the yakuza controlled by a corrupt politician. A tale of self-examination, love triangles, hidden feelings, intrigue, and death.