ASZz update!

21 days ’til I turn 39! Have a story update to celebrate only three weeks left!

Previously in Aku Soku Zan(za), our heroes, after training together in the rain, had a discussion that eventually revealed to the previously ignorant Sano that Saitou and Tokio are married. In the latest segment, Sano perhaps overreacts to this news.

Birthday countdown 2019 begin!

39 days ’til I turn 39!!

I promise I really am working on stuff. Two big projects (exchange fic and helping get this first TLY audiobook finished), which both more or less have deadlines, have been siphoning all my time lately… but I have gotten bits and pieces of other things done in between (next ASZz part, editing Seeing Red, and some site work). This state of things will probably continue until the two projects are finished, but that will happen much sooner than my birthday in 39 days :D