These two pictures feature me (center, in striped swimsuit), my immediate family (behind me; brother either didn’t quite exist yet and these pictures are from a year earlier than we suspect, or he was asleep inside as a small baby), grandma DeFord, great-grandpa Brinkerhoff, great-great-grandma Fern (that was her first name), and grandpa DeFord.

It is I at the pool in grandma and grandpa DeFord’s back yard. Some unidentified cousins photobombing.

Mom has never liked having pictures taken of her, and 1990 was no exception.

I can’t identify everyone in this picture, though all the adults are familiar. In case you can’t tell, I’m on the left behind the swingset, waving around/between people’s heads in both shots.

(This entry posted 2/28/2021)


  1. OTPsaisa

    How cool! It’s so interesting to look at old pictures. Your mother is a whole mood and you look like you would’ve been a hoot to hang out with (also, that grump face in the second picture is me daily lol).

    • kuroiyousei

      It is super interesting, isn’t it? It doesn’t take long for photos to become a source of marvel to the future self you’ve grown into.

      Unfortunately, my mother’s mood has always been one of disapproval, which was not healthy to grow up with. And I…. hoo-boy, was my ADHD ever in control of my life at that age! Yes, I probably was fun to hang out with, but for all the wrong reasons XD XD XD And that’s a silly grump-face in the second picture; it looks like I was getting bored with picture-taking and wanted to get back to playing, so I was being weird XD


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