I’m 11 now in 6 grade. I like the twins & the Pibrats (basebal) I love 2 many boys to count. I worked very hard to get my gosple in action award. It’s been so long since I wrote – I’m sorry! I know you’re probably enjoying the former entrys, sorry bout the handwriting.

We are taking a dollhouse to christmas unlimited for the poor. I’m in bed listning to music. I’m going to be a writer when I grow up. That way I can raise a family. I have several philosiphies of life and quotes. I am writing a book.

Here are some of them:

The imagination is like the universe, a vast, huge place waiting to be explored.

Don’t take life for granted, take it, treasure it & under all pressure don’t abuse it.

I have more than 1000

I am a fan of Wher in the world is Carmen Sandiago, the gameshow. I am a computer sucker. I go crazy for legos. I also am a fan of Chuck E. Cheese. I like Debbie Gibson, George Benson, and the Doobies. I think I had best go now. It’s 11:05.