I was strolling along at a marvalous hour, when I came apon a most extra-large flower.
And it opened its eyes and it nodded its head and it let out a yawn and to me it then said:
“Young lad, come here; I have something for you! Something to make all your wildest dreams come true!”
And she beconed to me, and I came – yes, I went! And I must admit, my time wasn’t ill spent.
She said “Boy, I want you to have this.” And she gave me a coin, and a little flower kiss.
She said: “Take this coin into town. Buy yourself a ticket that will take you down –
Down to the subway, my friend, yes indeed! For they will take you anywhere that you need!
They’ll even take you to Cawa-Kwapay, which is where you’ll be going in less than 1 day!
Now in Cawa-Kwapay, they have money galore! And you can get rich! but what’s even more
Is that you can get a job to make money, you see, and hard-earned money’s the best there can be!
So run right along, and if you get there on time, you can take the 9:30 car on the line!”

And with that, I ran off like a shot as you see, so that I could catch the 9:30!
I got there on time, and I hopped right aboard; and we raced down the subway, the thing realy roared!
Then suddenly, I felt a hard jerk! I realized that the subway had stopped with a querk!
And so I got off the brocken 9:30, and I walked in the sewer till my tail was all dirty.
I tripped and I fell, over and over, but then – oh harrah! a manhole cover!
I pushed it open, climbed out, looked around, and I wasn’t in a very nice part of town!
I saw junkies all over, all doing drugs. It looked like a street full of ugly sick bugs!

And I asked myself: “Will I ever…?” sadly. “Will I ever get there? I’ve fared pretty badly!
Will I ever get to Cawa-Kwapay, where I will be rich in less than a day?
Will I ever get to this wonderfull town?” Then a lady in front of my first turned around,
Then said, “Young lad, you need help! alow me; the gate to the town is the next corner but three.
It’s true, you are right,” she said with a smile, “You’ll be quite rich in just a litlte while!”
So I ran to the next corner but three, and what met my eyes was sure something to see!
The city, with glimering towers in the air, was a wonderful site, and I ran with a cheer
Into the town of Cawa-Kwapay, and I did become rich – in less than a day.
I had earned the money, and I had made it through, and I hope that the same thing will happen to you!