From the eagle soaring in the sky, to the worm under the ground, all the creatures of this earth are a part of us. “We are the best and most inteligent creatures on earth” we say. But we are wrong. We may be good at building, orginizing and providing comfort and entertainment, but take the monarch butterfly. It needs no house, only a leaf for protection against rain. It has instincts on how it can travel in a group with others, and it needs no written paper laws.

We may be able to comunicate in many different way, but take the cyote. It needs no phones, no paper and stamps. It only needs its voice.

In short, I must say: in the words of chief Seattle “The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth”. I have made a resolution not to take part in the corruption of this planet. I hope for World Peace, and for a more sensitive environment, and for love and joy, peace and happiness, from Nome to Uwady and everywhere in between.

I wrote that because I felt like it. It is all true. I hope I get to be a vollenteir at the library!

By, by!