I like Ether 12:28. It has a very nice message. I like it because it says that, through “…faith, hope and charity…” even the Gentiles could come to Jesus. I think its a beautiful verse.

Last school year, I have had to make choices about where to go, which project to do, and which books to read. The way I have made these choices is by going to The Lord of the Rings, and thinking what the characters in it would have done, because I can trust them to make the right choice.

Four of the many divine quatities of Christ are:

1. He always took an appertunity to share the gospel
2. He gave up things to make others happy
3. He loved the children
4. He had a sense of humor

Examples of these qualities in others:

1. Mom – teachers – me
2. Teachers – Mothers – Fathers – Alicia Quillin
3. Nancy Keller – Mom – Me
4. Penelope Platz – Sis. Linton