Today is Sunday. I’ve allready been to church today. I wrote a story called “The Missionary In a Nightgown” that’s really dumb because I didn’t edit it. I sent it to the New Era. They sent me a letter saying How much they enjoyed it. The lady said I show great talent as an author, and she hoped(s) to see more of my work in the future. So I started another one today called “Life Sentance.” It’s based on the story of my steeling that ring from Meremant Castle. Only I changed it a lot and added a lot. Only with this story, I’m going to spend a lot of time, I’m going to edit it, and I’m sending a typed letter with it. Well, doing baptisms at the temple was fun, as usual, and the movies we got were “The Toad Menace” and “The Parent Trap.” The former is a Bucky O’Hare, and the latter is dumb. I worked a little on “Prince Lynn,” my choose-your-own-adventure, some on “Chelsea Sleeps Over,” a story in the “Amy’s Playhouse Series,” and I made big plans for “Robin Hood,” the title of which is self explanterry. Good-bye.