I’m babysitting, as usual. I have an eye infection AGAIN. Mike hasn’t written back yet, but Mom says I can’t have a mail-adventure with him. She probably knows best, but I can’t see any problem with it. Mike says that a letter constitutes of one turn. So moving 20 spaces would take more than a month. I cleaned and vaccumed my room a while back — actually 2 days ago. It stayed nice for a while and then — boom! Amy dumped a bunch of junk on the floor, so now it’s all messy again. But it’s nice to know it’s not MY fault for a change! I’ve played Brix, a computer game, a lot for the past few days. I’ve gotten the acces codes to more than 20 levels, and about 18 of them are in my book of computer thinggees. I finally found out what that word Danny says all the time: Bahbenzulah and Bahbinga – I don’t know where they come from. But there is something even more wierd: the other day, he asked Mom for som “Cow food”. He meant, of course, candy. I have gone on a fairy rave. All my alone-games have me as a fairy. I’m reading “Peter Pan,” I recently watched “FurnGully,” and to top it all, last night I found — and printed — a cute little picture of a fairy! So I guess that explains my “fairy fever.” Mom’s getting me some new mascara and base make-up because I’ve used mine both around my eyes and mom thinks they may have given me this ssecond eye infection. By the way, we get ceveal again! Right now we only have Raison Bran and Corn Flakes. Im’ still struggling against haveing the boxes in which I keep my New Era and National Geographic World magazines in my bed hole. I don’t get it: my fish tank, in which reside Merry and Pippin, was as clear and clean as anything last night, and now it neads cleanixng out again! I haven’t had any lunch and it’s 2:13. That’s one of my shortcomings: Though I never purposely forget or put off eating, I hardly ever eat lunch. I do really well at breakfast time, when my whole body is screaming for food, and dinner, when everything is set out and we’re all sitting down, but lunch is a problem. Oh, well. I guess my 4:00 snack (or maybe my 2:45 snack) wixll have to pass for lunch. Penelope says I don’t eat enough. Maybe she’s right. I suppose I could squeeze a 2:00 AM snack into my scedual. I’m four dollars closer to my desk. Of course, there are other things I’d like to get: a phone, a computer, a light fixture. But a desk is #1 on my list. Amy is so silly. There’s no school today, so I didn’t get up at 6:00 AM. I have to go for now. Goodbye