Unfortunataly, I finished “Peter Pan,” I’ve reached stage 4 on “FurnGully” (that’s 3-6day after watching the movie — the HEAVY critisizm stage), and I threw away the paper with the fairy pictures printed on it. So now I crave originality in my alone games. My room is clean, and I seized the occasion to start cleaning off my desk. It’s 10:35, and I’ve gotta go.

1 – before watching movie. If not seen before, many “I wonder”s. If seen before, many “I like”s and “I remember”s
2 Watching movies. Typical cryticisms.
3 1-3 days after movie. Favorite (and stuped) points recollected.
4 3-6 days after movie, HEAVY critisizms.
5 6-1 month after movie, many “I watched — a while back” humming songs.