For some time My conscience has been nagging me to write in my journal. I just got to “At the sign of The Prancing pony”. There’s nothing like Tolkien for motiveation. Dad took us to Air Academy High to see “Guys and Dolls”. It was really cool. Mom isssupsstairs laughing hysterically about something. She discovered my secret the other day: I wasn’t vigilent enough in checking the mail every day and when “The New Era” send a reply to my last story, mom found it. I’m not going to send them anything more for a few years. I cleaned out my closet — though Amy didn’t find it hard to mess it up again — and now you can’t see the floor in my bedxroom!

Church was rather boring today. But Bethany is getting baptized on the 26th. During spring bxreak we MIGHT go to grandma’s house and bring her back with us. I sure hope we do. I want to play “Quest for Glory” more. I’m just dieing to see Mike. I want to play his game more. The next time I get a letter from him, I’m going to answer it on the computer. I get the feeling he can’t read my hand-writing. I wonder why. Well, I’m going good-bye!