Mom yells at us whenever we ask about the trip to Grandma’s. It is. St. Patrick’s day, probably the most useless holiday ever invented. It’s Thursday, and I’m going to try to get Erica over. Since Sunday Mom has been saying that she will read some of my choose-your-own-adventure, but she hasn’t yet. I got a shirt at a real bargain yesterday — $2.89 at Mervynn’s. I also got a purple shirt at Casual Corner for $6.00. I’m going to check the mail. There was nothing. I sure wish Mike would write back. I want to see what he says in reply to my last letter. I send him my dearest creature, the shilishk, and I told him he coudln’t use it if he changed


exept the name which is dumb. When I go to AAHS, I want to share a locker with Erica. We’ve been planning to since 6th grade. We are going to collect Jolly Ranchers. But I don’t think a collection of those candies would last long with her: she adores them. I hate them. In 6th grade I had a goodly number of them. The lockers at Air Academy High School are blue. I’m going to decorate mine with crossword puzzles. Or maybe callenders. I’m wearing a gorgeous new bandanna I got at Hobby Lobby yesterday for 67¢.

I love the pecxuliar SMELL my Grandma’s house has. It isn’t the steryotyped “peppermint,” “cinnimon,” and whatnot. It’s a very basementy smell. If we go there, I wonder where I’lxl sleep. Lilly’s back, so I couldn’t have her room. Well, I’m goxixng. XXOO