Today we had hash browns, broccali, and M&Cheese for dinner; and last night we went to a “Resteraunt”, and Grandma and Lily were there too. Grandma brought us “The Fox and the hound” and a five CD-pack with all the songs from the children’s songbook on them. I made another test today, called “Another Test for Golly.” It’s a sequal to “Test for Holly,” and they both have really wierd questions like “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” and “Who is buried in Grant’s tomb”? etc. All 4 kids are sleeping in Holly’s room, where Lily is staying. Today a telephone line caught fire, and came crashing down, and not only did the dudes fixing it close off the street, they turned off the power too. So all our clocks say 7:30 when it’s really about 10:30 PM. We are listening to Aladdin. Goodbye.