Jenny Bowler has gotten downright annoying lately. I don’t suppose I ever mentioned this, but sometime last year, I was going to sit down, when Jenny pulled the chair right out from under me! She didn’t mean to, but it did hurt quite a bit, and my bum was sore for quite a while. But worse yet, Jenny was apolagizing for the next 3 months. The only way I could get her to stop was by convincing her I thought it was funny, which I did think. It really was amusing. It happens in cartoons all the time, but usually not in real life!

I’m going to girl’s camp this summer, unlike last year, when we were on vacation. IT’s a new campsight, and there’s going to be ARCHERY there! Also, there’s only two girls to a tent this year, and Erica and I want to be in one. But I don’t whether 1st year and 2nd year girls can be together. I don’t even KNOW any 1st year girls besides myself.

I got a new game-making kit. It came on 3 microfloppies, it cost $6.00, and it takes up 10mg. It is a graphics-based program, and I hope the graphics work, unlike Questmaker, my last attempt and game-making glory. The one I have now comes with a complete sample game that’s really cool. I’ve gone to work editing it already. I’m mxaking all the character’s names names from fairy tales. For instance, your quest is to rescue the lovely princess Cinderella, who has mysteriously disappeared. Of course, your name can be whatever you like, but all the people allready in this world have story-book names. At the very beginning, you run into a guy called Aladdin, who joins you. His name was origionally ‘man’. Dumb, right? There are some changes I’m going to make that I haven’t gotten a chance to, such as the following: when you see a woman, and say “talk,” and it asks you what you want to talk about, and you say ‘date’, she says, “My father won’t let me date strangers” If you say “Marry” she replies, “Sir, you’re teasing me!” If you say “Elope” she answers, “Now, really! I’ve known you for only a moment!” But, if you say “adventure,” she says, “Oh, I’d love to go on an adventure!” Then, if you say “Join”, she says “Girls can’t travel!” Then, if you say “Wait”, she says “All right, I’ll wait for you, but only if you promise to bring me jewels!” If you say “Promise,” she says, “I’ll wait” Goodbye.