I get to use my program. My report was passable, if not good. But a few days after I turned it in, Mom gave me a new assignment: a research paper on castles. It was a cool topic, but I didn’t have it done on Friday when it was due. Patrick had his party on Friday, and I wanted to go. Mom said I could go if I would have the report to her by 3:00 Saturday. I totally spaced it, and I got in trouble. I stayed home from church yesterday because Holly’s had strep throat for several days, and we’re afraid I might have it too, or get it, and if I went to church I might give it to others. Oxn Wednesday, the YW activity was a Mother’s day party. We played an acting game. Two girls would act out a story or something, and another girl would come and say “Freeze!” Then the acting girls would have to freeze in position. The girl who said “Freeze!” would then tap a frozen girl on the shoulder, and then the girl she tapped would sit down in the circle, while the other girl (the one who said “Freeze”) would take the frozen girl’s position. Then they would un-freeze and start acting out a new story. Once, Rochelle and Emily G. were up. I can’t remember how, but Emily G. fell to the ground. Rochelle was saying things like “Speak to me!” when I came in and froze them. I kicked Emily G. out and laid down on the floor where she had been. Then we un-froze, and I acted like a zombie, and chased Rochelle all over. We also plaid “The Newlywed Game”, only we called it “The Mother/Daughter Game”. The girls went into a room while our mothers got asked questions about us like, “If your daughter could change her name, what would she change it to?” Mom put “Robin”. Well, When they were done being asked, we came back in and they asked us the same questions. Then we said the real answers to the questions, i.e. “If I could change my name, it would be to” I said “Gwenevier” (or however that’s spelled), and so we didn’t get a point for that one because the answers we gave didn’t match. Other questions were “If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I live?” Mom saiy “In a castle” I said “In England” “If I could be any animal, what would I be?” Mom said “Dragon” I said “Unicorn” Lindsey said “Jaws!” The people who had the most matching answers got prizes. Jenny Bowler got a prize — Lisa Frank unicorn earrings and ring. I wanted them SO much! Then on Sunday she sent them home with mom for me with a note. They’re SO pretty! She also gave me a unicorn pad! Sis. King gave me a unicorn ring too! It’s beautifull.

Today I worked 3 HOURS STRATE on my castle paper. Mom read the rough draft and said it’s going to be a good report. I don’t have to work on it again untill tomorrow. By the way, I did go to Pat’s party. It was half-fun-half-boring. He showed “Mrs. Doubtfire,” which I can’t watch since it’s rated PG-13. Well, I gotta stop writing now. Goodbye.