Hello again do you like my hat? It’s SO long since I’ve written! ALL my fish died but one. Beragond is still alive. I have a new friend. I met her one day when I was riding home from Safeway. She was wearin an indian headdress and she was making a spear. I thought it was cool, so I smiled at her. She looked at me kindof funny, and I thought SHE thought that I was making fun of her. I didn’t want her to think that, and so I stopped and turned around. I went back and toxld her that I wasn’t laughing at her, and she told me she hadn’t thought I was. Then we sort of told each other our names and stuff, and now we’re friends. Her name is Crystal and she’s 9 years old. On the second day (the day after I met her), I walked out to her house — barefoot! — and put a spear on her doorstep with a peace treaty tied to it. So now Saramonia is at peace with the noble indians. I am writing a “Quadragy”. It’s called “Four Tales in Time” The first three books have nothing to do with each other. Book one, “At the call of the father,” is about Neffertiti as a young girl. Her father grows ill and she must go forward in time to get the only plant that will save him. The second book, “The Tale of the Ice Dragon,” is about Nardah, a young native girl who wants to go out adventuring and seek a beast she has only heard about in legend. She doesn’t appriceate her family or her home enough. Book 3, “The deadly Valley of Hehr-Evwayno”, is about Ven, a girl who lives in the Valley of death. In this valley live all the poisonous things of the world, all the deadly beasts, and basically anything awefull or terrible. The worst part is, even the mythilogical things live there too. Ven is protected from anything smaller than a horse by a magic potion. The bottle can hold an endless suply of the potion, but there’s only enough in it to last 100 years. One night the boottle is knocked over and the potion runs out. By morning there’s enough left to feed a fly. Ven goes and seeks the old woman who gave her the potion and finds she is dead. In book 4, “After and Before”, the three girls come together. Neffertiti goes forward in time, Ven comes back, and Nardah stays where she is. They all meet each other and travel together. Faramir, Boromir, Merry, and Pippin my fish all died. Goodbye.