Hello. I havn’t written in a long time. Dad is taking us camping tomorrow to campsite six. Speeking of camping, I have made A GREAT SACRIFICE: I’m sharing a tent with Tasha at girls camp! Tasha is “mentally handycapped” and the most annoying person in six time zones! (Actually, I don’t know. How many time zones are between here and the White house?) Mom says I deserve a special reward. But, though I would absolutely LOVE a special reward, I’m just doing what I think is right. One day I was talking to Tasha about camp and she mentioned that she had not found anyone to share a tent with yet (this year there are two girls to a tent) I had been planning to be in a tent with Erica. But Tasha said that everyone she had asked had said no. I soon realized that Tasha was not in a million years going to find someone who actually wanted to be in a tent with her for 5 days. So I said I’d be with her. She was so happy. I know it’s going to be fun, even if Tasha’s hard to put up with. Jenny says she was with Tasha last year, and that it was MISERABLE. So I know I’m goixng to have a great time. Jenny has this annoying habit of making the worst of the most pleasent things. Last night’s YW activity was a scavenger hunt at the mall, and it sounded really boring. Jenny was complaining the whole time, and she said that it “vaccumes”. She was a regular party-pooper. While Tasha, Karis, and I searched the stores for people (we were supposed to find all the people, not things, on the list and get their aughtograps), Jenny say outside with her mom and complained. I thought the activity sounded boring from the beginning, but I participated, and, though I did not find the activity particularly fun, I had a good time. Goodbye.