I am seriously convinced that I am insane. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that I am human. I’m working on “The Book of Wisdom” again. I write the front and back of a page every day. Next Monday is July 4. Tonight’s YW activity was Water-Balloon Volleyball. I made a new friend, Megan McOmber. She’s 11. I ate 24 popsicles at the activity. After I’d had one, I asked Sis. Crowther if I could have another and she said “sure” I went to Megan and said, “I’m a pro.” Then I wanted another, and I went and got one. I called her and showed her. I would shout at her every time I got another. I stopped at 6. When I got to 18, I shouted again. At 24, Lesly Robbins took the popsicles away and I didn’t get to break my record, 32. Goodbye.