I don’t really love Justin, I wanted Holly to think I did. I really “like” him, though. He played my game for hours on end, and I watched him. His 12-year-old sister Bridgette was complaining and teasing me at the same time. She said I would just sit there for hours watching him (which I did), and I replied that I watch HOLLY like that when SHE plays my game. Bridgette said “Yeah, you sit there staring at here like ‘you’re the most wonderfull thing in the world!’!”!

Well, I’ve been going to Air Acadamy High for some time now. I’m in Montage, which is an off-beat, wacko, far-out variety show. I’m in “Pride”, a song in which I stand on a box and sing the chorus with some other girls. Tonight is the first performance, and since the very first late rehearsal I’ve done hardly any homework.

Well, I like a kid named Justin Ellis who sits behind me in literature. He’s really nice, and I have a picture of him. We went to Utah because Uncle Mikey got married. Her name is Sharey or something like that. I spent the whole time playing video-games, and got a cramp in my hand.

By the way, I’m 14 years old now. My birthday, on September 2, was a while ago, and we rented Star Wars (all 3 movies). We watched them all in a row and we were up till midnight. Now I’m a Star Wars freak. I’ve read the books — which are extream consumer literature, really dumb, lots of fun — and I listen ONLY to Wierd Al (Uncle John leant us a tape) singing “Yoda”. When I grow up, my kids are probably going to LIVE on Star Wars. I have to go to Montage in about 1 1/2 hours. I switched rooms with Amy. Now I have to sleep in a real bed and it takes me 1/2 hour to gxet to sleep.

Seminary is great fun. I missed it sometimes lately because Practice goes so late I’m too tired in the morning. I

School is great fun too, if I DO have too much homework. I have the following teachers and classes:

Teacher Block Class Rating
Mr. Bartlett 4 Science in Action He’s great he’s real funny He hands out ec right and left.
Mrs. Wood 6 Health She’s nice. Takes no late work.
Mrs. Heming 3 Math Interesting
Ms. Davis 2 Study hall Great! Real nice!
Mrs. Bogard 7 Literature funny, strict, real nice
Mr. Roiko 1 Civics Funny, nice
Fil, Mr. Filsinger 5 Choir He’s very funny and incredibly nice best teacher.

Fil’s a Montage director too. I love all my teachers SO. Well, I’m going to go cheat and play video-game. SO long