I “like” Justin so much it’s not even funny (except to Jared, his twin brother) I think about him 24 hours. I go to bed at night thinking “I’m going to see Justin tomorrow”. I’m afraid I’m driving Erica and ‘Nellpy out of their minds. Today I sat in bed when I got home for 3 hours imagining him asking me out, and us kissing and him hugging me and holding my hand and all that. Today is Halloween, and he dressed up as an army dude. He had on all camophlage. He LOOKED SO CUTE! (Now I’m sitting here sighing my head off at the very THOUGHT!) A while back Jared told me Justin was going to be an army dude for Halloween, and I said “cool!” I guess I must have looked pretty in-Love or something. All I know is that the idea of Justin dressing ALL (he always wears a camophlage jacket, it’s cool, he looks GREAT in it!) in camophlage was such a “Romantic” one that I lost it, and Jared thought my rapt expression was pretty funny. Well, a real geek hangs ouxt with Justin a lot. His name is Keith or Kyle, I can’t remember.

Justin, a while back, asked me if I was going to dress up today, and I said I would. Today I came into Health, and I saw he was all dressed up in camophlage (he looked very cute!) and I sat down — I by the way, was dressed as a gypsy fortune teller — and then he came over and said, “Thank you so much! I thought I was the only one in the whole school who was dressed up, and I felt real stupid,” something like that! “so thank you so much!” I can’t remember what I said, but I was so gleefull just that he had actually WALKED ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM just to talk to me that it must have seemed very rude.

I’ll be back. I’m back. I went trick-or-treating. Justin says he doesn’t go trick-or-treating anymore because of people’s reactions. He did a very funny imitation of what they do. He looked down and said, “hi!” real sweet and then sort of started, and looked way up and said, “Hi, uh, aren’t you a little old for trick-or-treating?” I made up a new language, and in this language “Justin” is “Weladas”. Isn’t that pretty? I won’t say what my name is, because in English it’s a particularly insulting word. A while back we had an assembly and Erica was sitting in the seat just below Justin about 3 or 4 up the bleachers. I was having a very hard time getting up, and Justin REACHED OUT HIS HAND AND HELPED ME UP! It was so “Romantic”, and it completely made my day. When I think about Justin, I get this sudden desire to get straght A+ grades and finish all my YW goals in an hour. Everything in this world makes me think of him.

Geek and Justin once invited me to go walk to their next classrooms (I hang out with them at lunch, and every day they go to their next classes and drop off their stuff because they don’t want to carry it around) I said I would. I said goodbye to Michelle, one of my friends, and she asked why I was leaving. Jared said that “Justin just wants to get her into a dark hallway.” I could have killed him, but… Well, Justin dropped off his stuff and I put my stuff in my locker, and Geek asked where we should go. Justin suggested the library, and I thought that was a great idea, so we went there. I pulled a book on Aviation of the Future, and Justin thought it was so cool he sat down next to me and looked over my shoulder. That made my day completely made my day completely made my day… on the way to his class, I discovered that Justin likes Wierd Al too! Well, I’m going to go to bed and DREAM, hopefully, about Justin.

Bye 9:25

<3 Justin <3