Yesterday, Justin gave me 2 candies, which I ate. Jared hugged Nellpy, which is very good because she really likes him. Today Jared sat REALLY close to Nellpy. I’m having a Christmas party, and Justin can’t come! Oh, well. He sat next to me in Literature. He did his oral book report today, and it was so good, I almost feel like reading the book myself. He was wearing this cool shirt that he wears a lot, and I love it. It’s got a guy on a horse with a great big sword and it says “Dressed For Battle”. He stood there with his hands in his pockets the whole time. Then when all the reports were done, Mrs. B. said we were going to play a game to review the vocab. She told us to pick a partner and study the words. Now, I’m tellin’ you — Justin is literally my ONLY friend in that class. But I figured he’d want to work with some other boy, so I didn’t ask. But I DID sit there praying “Please let him ask me to be his partner!” and he did! But then I bossed him around and probably made a very bad impression. He was standing so close to me, guess what! It made my day. He also gave me a piece of gum.

Last Friday Jacey turned 16, and I went with her and her family to see Star Trek, Generations. I loved it. I’ll have to tell how my oral presentation went It’s about 3:15


<3 Justin <3