It’s very close to Christmas, and I’m getting a bunch of cool stuff. I had to write down the rad dream I had last night…

There were wars in the North-west, and the group of teens I did my adventuring with was called for to join the battle.

But, alas! the railroad pass through the jagged grey stone wall was guarded by a fierce, though rather small, Rancor who had established a dwelling in an old abandoned box-car near the tracks running through the gap. An agitated mass of people had accumulated on the southern side of the jagged grey stone wall, folk halted on their march northward by the Rancor, even as we. With his gruesome animals senses, he knew when man or beast set food beyond the railroad pass. Strangley, he never bothered passing trains.

My group decided to rid the country of this problem, and called the rancor out. Climbing all over the jagged grey stone wall the whole time, we talked politely to the rancor, explaining the problem in full, and asking it if it would please leave. It listened politely to our pleas and replied that we had a very convincing argument, and if it weren’t such a rutheless creature it would surely listen. We all watched it go back to its car with dismay. We regrouped in an alcove on our side of the wall to discuss our plans. Our leader hooted experimentally — Hooting was our signal. Then an idea hit me: I could hop on the next train to go through the pass, go past the rancor’s car, and get help from other lands. I wandered off towards the tracks. It was just as the train was coming round the bend that I realized another alternative: what if, when the train passed the rancor’s car, I were to jump off, enter the car, and put an end to the monster myself! The train came past, and I jumped on. As it was passing the rancor’s train-car, I jumped. I landed on top of it, and opened the door in the roof. I saw that the car was divided up into two rooms, one small and the other large. The rancor was asleep with his head in the small room and the reast of him in the large room. The door to the small room was above the floor-level, so I was able to stand below the monster’s neck. I close the door to the small room, choking the rancor, who woke up at once and began at the door. I drew my dagger and cut it’s throat. It was dead. The END.

<3 Justin <3