I had a party 2 days before Christmas. It was lots of fun. Here is a chart showing what I got for Christmas and wheather I (K)new or (G)uessed and was right or (H)ad no idea:

Gift From Date Prior Knowledge
Star Wars Stuff * Jacey 12/23/94 H
Dress Mom 12/25 K
Earrings Holly 12/25 K
Ornament Amy 12/25 K
Necklace G&G DeFord 12/25 G
Cabboodles Danny 12/25 K
Pencil * Nellpy 1/4/95 H
Bracelette G&G Robin 12/25 K

*The Star Wars stuff was a bunch of radical cards and the Star Wars soundtrack on tape.

* The pencil is gigantic and came from Disney World.

Mome put a highlight in my hair on New Year’s eave. I saw Justin today. It’s 4:25. Bye.

<3 Justin <3