I was the candidate for president of the Republican party in Civics (Put your pen next to Jen) but now I’m not. Now Kyle’s in style, he’ll make you smile. Katherine and I are writing a science fiction series. I’M GOING TO A PARTY AT JUSTIN’S HOUSE TOMORROW!!!!! Mom said I couldn’t go unless my room was clean, and now it’s cleaner than it’s been in 6 months. I rearranged some of the furniture, too. So tomorrow I’m going to ride to Justin’s house on his bus! Craig Zigler rides bus 40 also. I’m listening to STAR WARS music right now. In case I forgot to mention it, after my party and before Katherin’s Friday The 13th party, Nellpy had a party. I’ll have another party as soon as I can, because I like parties. I have to go to bed. It’s 8:00 Bye

<3 Justin <3