Yesterday I went to Justin’s house. Nellpy, Katherine and Kyle were there. It was (yes, I know it’s cheesy) too wonderfull for words. We watched Spaceballs, which is a STAR WARS spoof. It was hillarious. I hated it. JUSTIN HAS SO MUCH STAR WARS STUFF! I nearly went into shock. He let us look at his bedroom, and even go in (that was just a leetle bit akward). It was totally covered (as far as my tastes are concerned) with STAR WARS stuff. Imagine the two most radical things in the world besides Tolkien (to my point of view) in one place! I just stood there at his door looking at the stuff. He said I could go in, but I would never, ever go into a boy’s room alone unless he was my blood relation, and especially not a boy I LIKE. Justin brought some of it out and said I could HOLD IT. I was afraid to touch it, because whenever I touch cool stuff of somebody’s else’s, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS break it. But he convinced me (I didn’t need much convincing) and so I played with STAR WARS stuff for the rest of the party. I listened to “Back To The Future” and part of “Back To The Future II”. It was the most wonderfull party I’ve been to in my entire life. Justin had an Imperial Walker that was about 2′ wide and ???very tall. It you reached inside it, there was a little lever that made its head go up and down and back and forth. He had The Millenium Falcon, and it had the gamboard Chewbacca and RD-D2 were playing, and the secret cargo spaces and a gun-type-thing. He had an Imperial Freighter like the one in which Han and Leia and Luke and everybody was in in JEDI when they were going to Endor, with fold-down wings. He had a ship I don’t remember from the movie, just from the book, called an A-Wing, and a weird ship I’ve never seen before. He has a TIE fighter and if you push a button its wings come off. He had one of those ships I can’t remember the name of, the kind that did the first run on the Death Star. He had twenty STAR WARS action figures. He even has a very non-convincing lightsaber. Guess what — it totally made my year. It’s 10:51 AM. Bye.

<3 Justin <3