Justin was home sick for the last 2 days. It was terrible. But he was back today (now Jared’s sick) I wonder what Kyle does when both of them are gone. When Justin’s not there he seams to stick to Jared like glue. Before, I liked Kyle only because he’s Justin’s friend, but I found he’s pretty cool himself. I really like Justin a LOT. He was talking to his couculator today at lunch. He hardly ever talks to me volentarily. He’s probably too embarassed. I know I would be. Penelope says I should start conversations with him, and I would except that probably wouldn’t help: I’m VERY obnoxious to talk to. I’m trying to get better, for Justin. At least there’s one thing this “liking” is doing for me! I have to go. It’s 5:03 Bye

<3 Justin <3