The most amazing, wonderfull thing happened to me today! LORD VADER CALLED ME!!!!!!! I was sitting at the computer and the phone rang. I picked it up and he said, “Hello is Jen there?” and I said it was me and he said “Hi, this is Justin” and I fell totally silent. My face turned so bright red, I’m glad he couldn’t see me. He just called to check on some homework assignment, but it sent me hurtling out into space, and I’m still there. I was so tounge-tied it was amazing. Then after he hung up I just sat there dazed. Then I called Nellpy and found out he had called her first to find out my #. Then, when she had to hang up, I called Roger. She asked me what was up, and I said in a voice unmistakable tone, “guess who just called me” and she said, “He did?” and then we talked for a little bit. Then I called Jacy and told her, too. It was so wonderfull, it made me so happy, I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. I’m going nuts! It’s 5:47

<3 Justin <3