My new nickname is Empress Jade, heh heh. I wrote Lord Vader a note and asked him out 2 weeks ago. He read it and he’s thinking about it! Yesterday I had to dress up for track. Wearing a dress to school is so obnoxious! I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly LIKE showing off how thin I am and making everybody jelous. Besides that, It’s just a bother all around! But it was fine by the end of the day because at lunch Lord Vader told me I looked NICE in it! That totally made up for it. On Wednesday we had a mi$$ionary thing for YW and they asked if anyone needed a BOM to give away. I had a feeling that I should get 1 so I did. Yesterday at track practice the Middle distance runners (that’s what I am) were going on a 4-mile run. I’m not ready for that yet, so the coach assigned Michelle Stejkul to help me do the sprinter workout. She and her friend Nicki were talking about an activity they were doing for church and soon we were talking about religion. They had a lot of questions and we talked for a long time. You gue$$ed it, I no longer have a BOM in my bag. It gave it to Nicki. Michelle specifically asked for one, so I’m going to get another one at church tomorrow. Mi$$ionary work at track practice gives new meaning to the phrase “run and not be weary” because that’s exactly how I felt! Thi$ i$ my last entry in this journal. I’ll have to move on to my new one. It’s 2:30

<3 Justin <3