I went to a party at Nellpy’s house last Saturday. Lord Vader was there, and he acted so wonderfull the whole time as to convince me at last that he truly is a man. He has consumed my thoughts ever since then. He’s coming to my party tomorrow Sigh. If I let my mental guard down for even a moment, my mind is wholy and completely consumed by thoughts of him and how MANLY he i$. I sigh a lot. It’s 11:28 I want a motorcycle. Mom doe$n’t want me to even THINK about it, but I really do. Motorcycle$ are worth drooling over. To go zooming around on one of those thing$, making a ton of noise $o guy$ all look up and make stupid cheezy comments on how cool you are, and to wear a dark green leather jacket and a cool helmet with a dark vi$or and have a cute little li$cence plate and NOTHING between you and the ground, i$ about a$ clo$e to heaven as you can come on wheel$. (Heaven on wheel$ would be all that plu$ having a guy behind you) I want a Harley, heh, heh, heh. No, I’m kidding. But I want a motorcycle a lot. It’$ probably just a pha$e and I won’t want one next morning, but right now I’m dieing for a motorcycle. It i$ now 11:39. Bye.

<3 Justin <3