Today is March 30, 1995 and the most wonderfull day of my life $so far. I had my STAR WARS party and HE was there. He $at next to me for most of the first movie and I almost died. I don’t ju$t mean next to me, I mean right up again$t me. He wa$ $o warm and… oh, man, I wa$ $o uptight and exited that he wa$ $itting $o clo$e to me. It took me a while to actually relax. I could feel him breathing. Of cour$e, thi$ i$ how I’ve been planning it for 4 day$ now, but I had never in a million year$ even dreamed it would be $o ab$olutely wonderfull. Then everybody $tarted giving everybody el$e backrub$ and I just $at there watching being incredibly enviou$ of Roger. Then, before the $econd movie started, I asked who wanted to give me a backrub, and both Jared and Lord Vader said they did and I sat down in front of Lord Vader and then he wa$ giving me a back rub through the whole movie, with a bit of a break. Words cannot expre$$ the degree of heaven I was in. His hands were so warm and I could have died right there more content than I’ve ever been before in my entire existance. I could have sat there forever and ever and ever. Then, when the third movie was starting I wanted to try giving $omeone a backrub and I $aid $o. You gue$$ed it. I $at down on the couch with him $itting on the floor in front of me and my knees were up against his back and I gave him a backrub. He wa$ very soft and warm and I was giving him a neckrub too. It was the same degree of heaven a$ when it wa$ the other way round. I wa$ ma$$ageing him all through the third movie, except when he di$hed me ice cream. At one point I wa$ rubbing hi$ head too and he liked that. Then I was giving him another neckrub — his neck was $o $oft — when he had to go. I almost cried. I HAD HIM IN MY HANDS. It wa$ so wonderfull… $igh. It’s 12:02 AM. Bye

<3 Justin <3