It is now April 3, 1995. Today in PE I asked him if he’d given any more thought to my note and I felt akward + embara$$ed but I had to know and he $aid he’d talk to me later like at lunch. I knew THAT wa$n’t about to happen $o after track practice I called him on the locker room phone. Jared answered the phone like he ALWAY$ doe$ and I asked if I could talk to Justin and then I heard Jared yelling “Ju$tin! Yoohoo, lover boy!” and then He came. I asked him if he had made up his mind and he $aid “I don’t think it’$ right for the girl to ask the guy, so do you want to go out with me?” and of cour$e I $aid yes. (I had felt that way all along, and the whole bu$ine$$ wa$ kind of akward but I was getting de$perate.) So now I am officially going out with the mo$t wonderfull guy in the world. Amen.

It is 6:00.

And now truly can I $ay:

<3 Justin <3