Today at lunch we had another mock battle. During a lull, Jared was surrounded and he said he wa$n’t on the light side or the dark side and then we were $aying that meant we could all beat up on him without violating the peace treaty, and he pointed out that he had hair$pray in hi$ hand. He $ounded threatening $o I pulled his hair. He pu$hed me very hard and yelled that I wa$ something I can’t write down and that he didn’t like me. Then he left. I’d never dreamed he’d react that way. I had to $it through 1 1/2 hour$ of $cience knowing I had done something wrong — I had hurt $omeone, one of my friends no le$$ — and had not apologized or anything. What Jared SAID didn’t hurt me at all — I didn’t like hi$ word choice, I mu$t admit, but I wa$ $o miserable with my$elf it never even $ank in. I had a hard time not breaking down in $cience. After an agonizingly long bu$ ride home — 1/2 hour — I called Jared and apologized. He was very nice about it, even though I did break down on the phone. Penelope’$ got a good boyfriend. After I hung up I went down$tairs and cried for who knows how long. It may be all over, but what’s Justin going to think of me now? I $till feel terrible, like I’ve let everybody down, and I probably have. 3:11

<3 Justin <3