It is April 11, 1995. Sorry I haven’t written in $o long. Last Friday + Saturday we went on a tour in choir to Grand Junction and mi$$ed school! Yippee! I had the weirdest dream the other night: I was Jabba’$ dancing girl and I had an outfit worse than Leia’$ and Lord Vader was Han $olo and he wa$ coming to rescue me. He walked into the room and $tood there facing Jabba and then he wa$ $uddenly behind Jabba and he pushed him really hard. Then Jabba rolled over me and $ort of $quashed me on the way and fell into the rancor pit. The rancor came out and picked him up and sort of $quished him around and then ate him 1/2 at a time. Then ‘Han‘ helped me up and we $aw Bib Fortuna coming to get u$. Then a pit opened up right in front of u$ and there was a rope. ‘Han‘ put hi$ arm around my wai$t and wa$ about to $wing acro$$. Then I woke up, and I could still feel hi$ arm around me. I had another cool dream last night: I was in a fore$t and I $aw Darth Vader. He ignited hi$ light$aber very $lowly and I turned on mine. Then there wa$ Obi-Wan’s gho$t and he was giving me $ome ba$ic pointers on fighting with lightsabers. Then Darth Vader came up to me and We were fighting. I was just starting to get the hang of it when suddenly he made an unexpected move and slashed me across the arm, tearing my muscle so it hurt like ______. I woke up with an awefull pain in my arm and it’s hurt all day. Nellpy + I invited Lord Vader + Jared to the dance on Saturday, and they actually MIGHT COME! Roger and Jacy are coming. They came to the last dance and it was lots of fun. EFY i$ on $aturday. Kyle’s going to have a party $ometime $oon and we’re going to go $wimming! I have a track meet tomorrow and it’s going to be my first one. I’ve been thinking about Lord Vader a lot. It’s 5:56.

<3 Justin <3