It i$ now April 15. There wa$ a dance today and the guy$ came. Lord Vader wore a very formal-looking coat jacket-type thing. HE looked wonderfull. I wore a new outfit I got and he $aid I looked nice. I danced with him first, and I don’t-know-how-many time$ altogether — probably about 6. I danced with Kyle once, 2 guy$ I didn’t know, and one guy I’d met very briefly earlier at EFY. During the la$t dance they played “Everything I Do (I do it for you)” and I like that $ong becau$e it fits me perfectly: when I have a boyfriend, I practically LIVE for him. Then I put my head down on hi$ $houlder but brother Brady $eperated u$. LORD Vader $aid, “it’s OK, you can lay on me in the car”. I $at next to him in the car and he had his arm around me and I did lay down on hi$ shoulder. It wa$ $o wonderfull I wa$ in Heavan all night. Much more than my party. Happy sigh. It’s 12:00 AM.

<3 Justin <3