April 29, 1995. Awhile back Justin gave me a watch. It was so wonderful — I look at it and think of him. Today I had a party. It was $o wonderful. He gave me a backrub, and then hi$ hand$ got tired. $o I gave him a backrub for a LONG time, and then he reached up and took my hands. He held my hand$ for a long time. Later he was sitting next to me and I wa$ leaning on him with my head on his shoulder. He was holding my right hand and I had my left hand on hi$ arm. HE was very warm, I was $o happy… I wanted to kiss him, though I hate admitting it. He’$ $o wonderfull. Sigh. It’s a new feeling to have a guy actually LIKE me rather than ju$t PUT UP with me. Life i$ beautifull and I am very happy. It i$ 11:00.

<3 Justin <3