November 28

A while back Mom decided I was going to be homeschooled again and that my first school project would be a week-long feild trip to Grandma Robin’s house and The Neutral Zone (that’s the arcade she owns, in case I haven’t mentioned it before) I took an airplane there. The last time I was at the Zone was during the summer when our whole family went for a vacation. The best game they had was “Primal Rage,” a nifty game where you are a dinosaur and you fight other dinosaurs. There’s a lot of blood, but that’s it. But this time mom made me promise not to play any bloody or gory games. But on the PSX they had a really cool and nifty game called “Twisted Metal” where you and your opponent both choose a vehicle from the many heavily-armed choices before you. Then you choose a battle ground and try to destroy each other. I was usually Dark Side, a huge semi — not the trailers, just the tractor — with spikes on the front. It was a nifty game.

I went to the Zone and stayed till about 12:00 AM every day except Sunday. There were a bunch of guys there and most of them were hitting on me bad. But especially Shane. Oh, well. I missed Justin so much the whole time and since I’ve been back I haven’t seen him yet. It’s been 3 weeks since I last saw him. I’m going insane. He kisses me all the time now, and though I’m used to it, I’m still dazed for an hour every time. Anyway, I’m homeschooled again. Justin isn’t very happy about it, and neither is Little Jon. I don’t think Nellpy really cares all that much, and I haven’t heard from Jacy and/or Terrorist since Thanxgiving. The washer was just on — you can tell because the whole house shakes. Now it’s on again. I’m so lonely. AAHS is almost out and then my friends will be going home and one of them better call me. There’s a mouse in the kitchen — I can hear it from here. It’s been there for some time and doesn’t get caught in the traps even it takes the bait away just fine.

I watched “The Swan Princess” with my family a while back and it’s my second favorite movie. My favorite is the Star Wars trilogy and my third favorite is “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” I’m 15. Holly will be 11 tomorrow. Justin will be 16 on Thursday. <Sigh!> I miss him so much I could die. It is 2:13. Bye.

<3 Justin <3