April 3, 1996 It is 11:26 and I cannot sleep. I am tossing and turning, sitting up and laying down again, thinking about my Comfortable IRG Universe where trivial things such as getting up for Seminary are of little importance when saving the galaxy is at stake. I must admit, I feel at home there. When the first book of the IRG Trilogy, Harmony’s Legacy, is done, I am going to send it to Bantam Books. The hopefull part of my says they will see it as the next Star Wars and publish it right away. The practicall side of my says they’ll reject it utterly and tell me to come back when I’m older and too smart to think any of my work will ever be published. I desperately want to go upstairs and work on it, but mom and dad are awake. Besides, it’s 11:35.

<3 Kris <3