September 17, 1997. Here’s me again. Today I fell asleep in Geometry until we went to the computer lab, which was boring. In German Mike and I always write each other tiny itty bitty notes and today he mentioned that my hair did not look good though it does normally and that he loves me. I have nostalgic recollections of a certain phrase about “making my day.” At lunch I remembered a year-overdue library book that I was supposed to return today on pain of detention, so I called home and got Holly to relay a message to Mom to please bring it. I spent lunch with Mike. In history, Mr. Randall continued with the best analogy I’ve ever heard that he’s been saying for a while now. Fourth block I’m a Peer Partner, which means I go to a job site with a handicapped kid. His name is Cody, and he’s constantly hitting on me, a fact that Mike seems to find amusing. Anyway, Cody works at Pet City in the mall. Today we cleaned out the hedgehogs’ cage. Hedgehogs are very cute. It’s 3:55 Bye

<3 Mike <3