October 10, 1997 Today, school had a late start because of parent/teacher conferences. In my TA period (5th block) I drew Danor (a character from Hour of the Darkening) and listened to people rave about women in the army. In English, Mr. Spear actually gave us a writing assignment, real work! At lunch I talked to Mike about silly old cartoons and drew nothing. In history we (Ouiser and I) made a silly poster of an anti-federalist concept that said “Down with the monstrous constitution,” on which I drew an evil-looking monster. In chemistry we watched a dumb movie and got assigned an interesting food-analysis project. I think I left my poor Giga Pets in the chem room. After school we went to Wal-Mart where I bought some pink sweats and got a bunch of other junk. I typed on my unnamed serial for Holly and that’s basically what I’ve done today. It’s 10:25 Bye

<3 Mike <3