March 1 1998. And to think I used to be so good at keeping my journal! Well, last Saturday Mike came to a dance with me and it was SO MUCH fun! When I used to think of the concept of romance, my ideas were always of activities that were rather passive in nature; i.e. looking at stars, watching a movie, etc. Which, I think, is why when I was with guys I didn’t really like, romantic changed quickly to lethargic or even soporific. But this is not the case with Mike. With him, romantic is alive and fun and everything’s just good. I hardly ever feel awkward around him like I did with other boyfriends. Next month will be our one-year anniversary, as you will know if you’ve been paying attention. Best of EFY is on that day, and I’m going to try to get him to come. Anyway, I’d better go and see what the rest of my family is up to, and when dinner will be ready. It’s 6:42

<3 Mike <3