March 3, 1998 Mike has a way of being casually romantic; none of my ideallistic drama, and it’s better that way. He said one, “Tomorrow’s a Silver Day. That’s annoying because we only get lunch together for sure.” With every other boyfriend I’ve had (except Justin, when I was just Out Of It), I’ve known that I would eventually break up with them, but did not particularly care. But with my Dieter it’s different. I can’t see us breaking up, and the thought of doing so is painful. I’d say I think I’m in love with him for REAL, but I can’t think of any more words to add to it that would make it more sincere than the last time I said it. How sad that the phrase we should be using most in this life should be so trite and clique! Very well. I am imphatuated with Mike, at the least. It’s 10:00. Bye

<3 Mike <3