April 27, 1998 Well, a while back was my 12-month anniversary with Mike. I did not see him for the entire day. Lately I have developed a passion for the Quest For Glory message board at the Sierra website. Many people there write “fanfic,” that is, fiction based on or set in the worlds of, in this case, Quest for Glory. I thought that was cool and decided to write some too. So I’m doing a story called “Pride of her Parents,” set in Shapier, the focus of the second game in the series. Well, on the message board they (posting-people; it’s an unofficial sort of thing) give out this award periodically that’s called a Snooky, after the guy who thought it up. It’s for outstanding contribution to the message board, which can include fanfic. When I heard about this, I thought, “I have GOT to win one of those. Anyway, I got on there today and saw that someone had asked for Snooky nominations, and a zillion (maybe 8) people had nominated me. I nominated a guy by the username CyberGamer who has been unbelievably enthusiastic about my fanfic. I’m certain I’ll win the Snooky, and I’m just happy anyway about all the nominations. It’s 3:06

<3 Mike <3