Oddly enough, it is almost a year since the previous entry, being the 19th of February, 1999. The greatest event of the time passed is the death of Wayne G., who once or twice said he loved me, on Sept. 12, 1998. He was in a plane crash. The sorrow I felt, described in full as guilt in Pride of her Parents, has relented and left only a vague sense of guilt in a wish that I could somehow have done more to make his life better while he was here, and a regret that I ever had an arguement with him. Thus I add another reason to my list of motivations for never arguing: you don’t know if your rival will suddenly die in an unexpected accident.

As to more recent news, it is all good. I got Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire for Christmas. Mike said (on New Year’s Eve) that he believes the Book of Mormon and will probably join the church. He’s going to join the Air Force in August, and we’ll get married when he comes back from Basic training. I haven’t told mom this yet because I don’t want to give her a lot of time to annoyingly try to dissuade me. Hopefully i’ll remember to write again tomorrow.

<3 Mike <3

^ This is a silly tradition, but so traditional I can't give it up. Maybe when we're married…