May 24, 99 Here’s the crown of my glorious Prom night: Me standing there stiff as a mannequin, covering the feature that looks best in that dress (my waist), and making this face like I’m mentally retarded. You’d think the Fates would grant me good pictures to make up for the rest of it but no… I look just as bad in the group picture. At least my boy looks good. Also pictured are Marcus F., Whitney S. (Ouiser), Lianne S., Sianne’s guy, Ashley’s guy Scott, Ashley S., and of course Mike and I, though I was tempted to cut myself out. I don’t understand this concept of handing out Prom pictures, but on the next page is Ashely and Scott again.

Well, on a brighter note, I saw Star Wars: the Phantom Menace today for the second time. Here’s the ticcit from the first time:

However, since looking at these pictures makes me think about Prom I’m going to go away before I depress myself too much. 5:44

<3 Mike <3