My handwritten journal has now become obsolete! At work today, this really obnoxious, fat, retarded, stupid, know-it-all lady named Becky was complaining and complaining like she always does that “ew she was in back cash all last week; put her anywhere but back cash!” We all laughed at her because (first of all) it’s her job to do what we tell her to, and (secondly) I was in back cash from August of 99 to this January, Mon-Fri, 7-3. But oh, well.

I’m lonely. I’d gotten so used to having a boyfriend over the last three years that it’s weird to be without. Also, I’ve never gone more than about three weeks between boyfriends since my freshman year. And this time I don’t plan on getting another one until I start going to college classes this summer or fall. But I’m lonely, because I want a guy to hug and hold hands with and all that superficial stuff. I still have dreams about Mike where I’m apparently still his girlfriend, and it’s very uncomfortable. But I’m so glad I finally worked up the nerve to dump him. Everyone at work was shocked out of their skins. Kelly was glad (she’d always been annoyed at the way he treated me), Ryan kept screaming, “But he loves you!” and everyone else just kinda looked at me weird and said, “I can’t imagine you as single.”

I love my new computer. I bought Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, and I really like it. Plus my computer is so many millions of times faster than the ones upstairs, it shocks the heck out of me to play QfGV and see how incredibly smooth it is. But I really have to go to bed now because it’s 10:22 and I have to get up to be at work by 7:00. Good night.