OK, I know that sounds weird, but just let me explain and try not to spoil anyone who hasn’t seen the last few episodes. I always thought he was a really hot guy, but because of his personality I’m afraid he wouldn’t be interested in a relationship — perhaps for more reasons than just his war monomentality and decaying sanity, but as I said, no spoilers. So my next thought was a brief, primarily physical, fling, until I remembered his reaction to Allen’s creative explanation of Hitomi. Obviously it has to be a lasting relationship, or he won’t go for it. But how do you get a guy like that to fall for you? My only suggestion is by winning his respect. And the only woman I can imagine doing that is some daredevil, expert guymelef pilot who never, never, never takes damage and always leaves the moment the battle ends (to enhance the mystery of her personality). As for the latter, she would definitely need to be a take-charge, no-nonsense person, but one who knew when she was bested — i.e., she’d have to be deferential but firm in any resolve. She might have to submit now and then just to keep the boy pacified, but, hey, that’s the price you pay. And then it would be true love forever and ever and ever…. until that little spoiler occurs and screws up your life. Anyway, I can imagine the most gorgeous kiss with him — extremely intense and passionate, right-hand-on-the-lower-back and leaning over sort of thing.