I work at McDonald’s, and I’ve become psychotically addicted to the food. So today, many hours after my shift was over, I was in there with my sister getting lunch. We were discussing — what else? — hot anime guys. I’m not sure how it came about, but McBishounen’s evolved in our minds somewhere between the ATM and the counter. So picture this: a chic, modern, cafe-style store (and don’t even call it a brothel) selling all your favorite anime guys. The conversations might go as follows:

EMPLOYEE: What can I get for you?
CUSTOMER: How much is Kiryuu Touga?
EMPLOYEE: He’s on sale for 99 cents.
CUSTOMER: I’ll take three.
EMPLOYEE: Anything else for you?
CUSTOMER: Yeah, a small order of Sesshomaru.
EMPLOYEE: For here or to go?
CUSTOMER: To go, of course!
EMPLOYEE: OK, that’ll be $4.41.

And in the drive-thru…

EMPLOYEE: Welcome to McBishounen’s; can I take your order?
CUSTOMER: Yes, I’d like Sagara Sanosuke — light on the clothes, please — and Vash the Stampede.
EMPLOYEE: I’m sorry, ma’am, it’s going to be about a four minute wait on Vash…
CUSTOMER: That’s OK; I can park.
EMPLOYEE: Will that be all, then?
EMPLOYEE: $5.40 at the next window.

So that’s my random, demented thought for the day…. though my sister helped with it a bit. Her livejournal name is thebabeofinuyasha, in case you’re curious… she’s one of my friends.