Forever Future — yes, I realize the correct translation would probably be Eternal Future, which makes more sense anyway….. but on my CD it actually calls the song Forever Future in romaaji. *shrugs* So, this is the ending theme of Ishin Shishi he no Requiem, and one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. The singer’s voice takes a little bit of adjusting to, but I love it; the guy’s got perfect pitch even if he does sound like he’s in pain. And sounding like he’s in pain is fine, because the song has an incredibly sad feeling to it despite its hopeful lyrics. Compositionally speaking, it’s absolutely perfect — it starts with piano, adds orchestra, builds up to an excellent electric guitar solo, and just blows you away in the last refrains. Definitely my favorite song in the world.

Sailor Star Song — Gah, this was the most beautiful, moving scene I’ve ever seen in any anime (of course, it’s the only ending to a long series I’ve ever seen) — hey, this song just started playing as I started typing this part of the message! — and the song will stick in my heart forever because of the association with the scene. I mean, it’s a great song — especially the sweet voice of the singer — but mostly I just think about the series and the ending, and cry.

Moon Revenge — besides being an awesome song, this has the same type of emotional association with the scene where it was introduced. I have several different versions of this song (Zwinge Niemals die Liebe is spectacular!) and every single one is excellent besides Pretty Cast, who basically just screw up anything they sing.

Namida wa Shitteiru — Kenshin’s seiyuu (whose name I can’t remember off the top of my head) has the most interesting voice I’ve ever heard, and I can’t get enough of listening to this song.

Senshi no Omoi — in a strictly technical sense, I think this is the most beautiful anime song I have. Other songs take precedence because of emotional association, but this one is really amazing. It’s got this mysterious, eerie-sounding instrumentation, and Michiru’s voice is perfect for that; then the lyrics are extremely poetic in both sound and meaning.

Yume Miru Dakeja Dame — OK, Mitsuishi Kotono sucks. Let’s just face the facts and admit it. But this song is nevertheless one of the best BSSM songs in existence. I wonder how Hisakawa Aya would sing it? I can’t get over the background vocals and the little train-whistle-sounding things.

The song I’ve adopted as my personal theme song is Motto Suteki na Asa ga Kuru Yo — because, despite my high level of cynicism, I’m really a very hopeful person. But don’t tell anyone.

As for score….. I like the Rurouni Kenshin score better than any other. I’m also fond of the jazz in BSSM SuperS and the violin work in S. Like everyone, I think Yoko Kanno is a genius and am very fond of the Tenkuu no Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop music (The Power of Kung Food Remix is playing as I type). I prefer BSSM for image songs, although Ippatsu Yarrou! is my favorite image song. Hey, don’t look at me like that! It’s not just because Sano’s my little slave…..

So, that was today’s rambling on anime music.