Here are some reasons it’s a nice day:

Last night I bought the SKU movie, a most awesome animated-lesbian-drug-trip of a story.

I also got the next Trigun DVD….. Wolfwood….. motorcycle………………………… *nosebleed*



And I also got some action with three really hot guys. That is to say, action figures. I usually don’t go for action figures, but these aren’t too bad-looking — and besides, how can you pass up on a chance to purchase Kenshin, Sano, and Saitou all at the same time for only $12.99 each? The only thing wrong with them is the bangs on Sano and Saitou. (Lydie-chan, don’t even say anything about that!)

Plus, I just came home from work 4 hours early because the next manager showed up and decided to let me go. Life rocks, huh?