Since Lydie-chan was so kind as to send this to me, I’ll post it here on my livejournal for all to see.

1. What’s your name? This Black Faery
2. Where are you from? Colorado Springs, Colorado
3. Do you like anime? No (sarcasm doesn’t translate very well online)
4. How old are you? 21
5. How tall are you? Taller than a short person
6. What color eyes do you have? hazel
7. What color hair? brown
8. Do you have a good sense of humor? extremely
9. Do you like surveys? yes
10. What time is it right now? Almost seven. At least it was when I first opened the email.
11. What is your favorite anime? Rurouni Kenshin
12. Who is your favorite seiyuu? Suzuoki Hirotaka / Ueda Yuuji / Ogata Megumi
13. If you don’t know what a seiyuu is, who’s your favorite english voice actor? What if I do know who a seiyuu is? Then I’d probably have to answer James Earl Jones.
14. Who is your favorite anime character? Saitou Hajime
15. Who is your favorite anime couple? Haruka and Michiru
16. Which anime character is most in need of therapy? Mamo-chan….. it must be seriously hard to be a foil surrounded by gorgeous chicks who constantly get naked — but not even to be chased after except by the biggest geek in the show and your own daughter!
17. Do you consider Pokemon to be anime? Just like I consider The Phantom Menace to be Star Wars — BTW, what’s up with Attack of the Clones? Did they let DiC name it or something?
19. What’s your favorite anime movie? Ishin Shishi e no Requiem and Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon R
20. What’s your favorite anime NOT based on manga? Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone, but I’m fairly sure Tenkuu no Escaflowne came before its manga, so I’d have to choose that.
21. What’s your favorite manga? Rurouni Kenshin
22. Who’s your favorite manga character? Saitou Hajime (sound familiar?)
23. Who’s your favorite manga artist/group? Nobuhiro Watsuki
24. If you could make a manga into an anime, which would you choose? I’ve never read a manga that didn’t have an existing anime, but there are some novels and even live-action movies that I’d like to see animes based off of. The Lord of the Rings, for example — I’d definitely prefer to see an anime of it than the stupid shitthey’re shoveling on us in December.
25. Name one manga that came out AFTER the anime. Like I said, I’m fairly sure that Tenkuu no Escaflowne fits this category.
26. Is manga better than anime? Hell, no!
27. What do you think manga loses when its made into anime (art, character, plot, etc) in my limited experience, the manga seem to explain a lot more interesting and sometimes essential details than the anime (for instance, why Hannya’s face is so ugly and he wears a mask; what exactly a Star Seed is and why the true ones matter — stuff like that)
28. What manga is changed the most in anime form? Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
29. Do you think the Ranma 1/2 manga is too long? A Takahashi manga too long? What kind of a question is that?
30. Do/have you drawn your own manga? Yes
Other Stuff
31. Name your favorite band(s): Sting is the only artist whose work I enjoy from beginning to end.
32. Name your favorite song by your favorite band: Ghost Story
33. What is your favorite anime song? Forever Future as discussed in a post below.
34. Who is your favorite singer from anime? Suzukaze Mayo, Ogata Megumi
35. Do you think that Hayashibara Megumi is the greatest person on earth? …um, well, she did a good job playing that kid in Queen Emeraldas
36. Did you know that Hello Kitty is actually an anime? Yes
37. Have you ever seen it?No
39. Who is your favorite female seiyuu who is known for her male roles? Suzukaze Mayo, although it’s only one role so far — but what a role!!!
40. Do you know who Nuriko is? No
41. Do you think he’s better than Chichiri? …um, sure
42. Who would win in a fight: Himura Kenshin or Chichiri? Kenshin. Duhh.
43. Who is the anime couple in the most denial about their feelings for each other? Kenshin and Saitou
44. Why doesn’t anyone ever recognize Sailor Moon and her little senshi when they’re “transformed?” — its a sailor soldier thing; you wouldn’t understand. And actually they sometimes do… they just never act on it.
45. Is Yuuhi better than Tooya? …sure…
46. Are the Starlights originally females who are disguised as males who transform back into females or are they males who just transform into females? They are originally females; in the anime they actually turn into men, then turn back into women when they transform. In the manga they are always women, who sometimes cross-dress… there’s your BSSM lesson of the day from Stupid Otaku Faery….
47. Do you think that Serial Experiments Lain is just creepy? …sure…
48. Why do all those alien girls like Tenchi anyway? …um, he looks like me? Yeah, I wish…. I mean, I wish they (by which I mean Ryoko) liked people who look like me, not I wish Tenchi looked like me.
49. Isn’t Shirou Kamui just a cool looking character? …sure…
50. Is Seki Tomokazu truly “god-like?” Well, he’s very talented. I’m sure that’s a godly quality.